Napoleon's Wife @ Snapped Up Market

Napoleon's Wife regularly hosts a stall at Snapped Up Market. It's a quarterly event that takes place in The Printhaus Cardiff, and features lots of great local artists, designers and craft folk.

Merthyr Tydfil 2011 Business Awards

Merthyr Tydfil 2011 Business Awards

Against stiff competition, Napoleon's Wife won the 2011 Merthyr Tydfil 'Creative Industry Award'. A big thank you to the Merthyr Tydfil Business Club for hosting such a fantastic event. Cheers!

Arts show to put graveyard in focus

Friends of Saron

In conjunction with the Taste of Enterprise, I planned and curated an art exhibition to help raise awareness of a local community group. The 'Friends of Saron' are a passionate group of people from Troedyrhiw who are striving to raise funds and support to help save and restore an under loved and overgrown graveyard in the village. The exhibition which showcased a number of local artists was a huge success. We raised over 1000 for the cause and it also generated a large amount of media interest. Congratulations to everyone involved.